I was a normal productive working college student pursuing my goals until a traumatic incident changed my life for the worse.  I was kidnapped and forced to play Russian roulette with another victim, ultimately taking his life.  This caused me to suffer from severe PTSD for 18 years that lead to uncontrollable binge drinking for 16 years.


My life turned down a path I never thought I would live.  I was in a constant state of self pity and guilt over what happened to me.  I got in trouble with the law multiple times, I was in and out of rehabs, I couldn’t concentrate on my studies and got kicked out of school.  I went to many different therapists, some specializing in PTSD and addiction but they couldn’t help me.  I was choosing homelessness and burned bridges with anybody who cared about me.  One night everything came to a head and I realized nothing was going to change after trying for almost 2 decades.  I wanted to give up on my life because I was truly suffering with no hope to get better.


I called up my dad wanting his voice to be the last I heard and to say goodbye.  Soon afterwards the police and fire paramedics barged into the cheap motel room l was in.  After going to the hospital to detox I went to my parents home.  They really didn’t know what to do.  A relative told my parents about the Theta Wellness Center and Mike Simpson.  After talking with Mike I got the impression he truly wanted and could help me.  My dad wasn’t so sure but it was either that or planning a funeral.


Mike uses an approach that is unique and different from anything other therapists had done for me.  Through NLP and hypnosis Mike and I went deep into my subconscious mind and actually changed the way I thought and viewed myself.  I became a different person.  Mike helped me find the person inside who I always desired to be.  The other therapists try to give you a method to cope with PTSD; Mike actually got rid of my PTSD.   I’ll repeat that.  He got rid of my PTSD!   I don’t suffer from the incident anymore and I don’t have the addiction problem.  I don’t have to continuously see a therapist for years on end.


After 28 days at the Theta Wellness Center, Mike flipped the switch and shut down my PTSD, guilt, and alcohol addiction.  If you or someone you know is living in an abyss of hopelessness and despair call the Theta Wellness Center and talk to Mike.  He is a man who genuinely cares and really knows how to root out your problems. 

In my case he did it without the use of medications or a lifetime of therapy.

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